Are SANS training mandatory to take GIAC exams?

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Are the SANS training SEC401, SEC503, and SEC504 mandatory to apply for GIAC exams; GSEC, GCIA, GCIH?

Or they are optional and recommended?



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    To my knowledge, SANS training is NOT mandatory for GIAC exam attempts.
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    GIAC exams do not have SANS training as a prerequisite.  Just select a GIAC certification, visit the certification's webpage for more information, and sign up to take the GIAC exam at Pearson VUE.
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    The training isn't mandatory but the exams are based on the course material. You can get an idea of what the exam covers by looking at the syllabus but you won't know the exact details. It might mention that Metasploit is used in the class. Without taking the course you won't know which attacks are covered and what info you need to know. Most people usually agree that it's not worth trying to take a GIAC exam without taking the SANS course. The exams used to be close to $2000 without the course but when I looked recently I think it was closer to $1000.
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    It is not mandatory but except for a few more common certs like GCIH or GSEC there is no third-party training material so better be fully prepared. 

    I have seen GIAC exam without the class at 2K$, that's prohibitive.. but at 949$ it is still expensive but it make me consider doing the GCIH in self study. 
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    Thanks all for the suggestion. You made my day.
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