CISSP relevancy with regards to GSLC

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Evening everyone,

Probably get this a lot but I couldn't find anything too similar from a search - I'm wondering if the CISSP has any overlap with the GSLC.

I am training ona  casual basis for the CISSP but I can't take it for a  while yet due to experience (dont really want to do the assosciate yet). 

I have a bit of my development budget left and I could use something reasonably soonish as an opportunity might be able to come up as a supporting member of the team and am really interested in the GSLC - just wondering on a few points:

- Is there much overlap between the two as both seem geared towards managers and management level people with security responsibilities
- Is there much material out there that might be relevent? Obviously sans would be ideal but might take a punt given I'll do the CISSP when the times ready anyway (I can get funding for the CISSP but not SANS grade funding)
- If you buy the exam only do you get any practice tests to see the kind of questions you get/and/or can you buy them? (wouldn't mind spending a little just to have a nosey)

Sorry in advance if you get this a lot! 



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    I've always heard that SANS MGT512 is a less-technical version of SEC401. A "general security principles for managers" sort of thing. The GSLC cert has nowhere near the recognition that the CISSP does.
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    Thanks so much for your feedback - I am absolutely looking forward to taking the cissp and will be doing as soon as I get the number of years experience (mid-back end of next year )

    The CISSP doesn't concern me nearly as much (maybe it should?) there's tonnes of material out there so you can both prep and get a feel for readiness
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    Don't assume that any single set of study materials will adequately prepare you to pass the CISSP exam. Even the (ISC)2 says that its own training materials don't cover every topic you may see on the CISSP exam. Use multiple sources of study aids and look for advice from people who have recently taken the exam. The (ISC)2 also occasionally has a "free retake" offer that you can use to see what the actual exam is like.
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    512 is actually a really interesting course and one I found to be a lot more "managerial focussed" from a GRC standpoint - albeit speaking about governance and tech aspects. For me CISSP covered topics from a different angle - it did not go deep into metrics/KPI's/cost justification to gain buy in etc. Looked at things from a typical and classical security point of view. I think 512 was a lot more interesting. 
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