Passed 6/29!

kevozzkevozz Senior MemberMember Posts: 305 ■■■□□□□□□□
Passed today with a 900! I know I missed between 3-6 questions because the report spelled out areas I needed to study.

The exam didn't really focus on a specific area. Definitely know your troubleshooting skills and commands (tracert, ping, netstat, ect...).

Some questions about ports, Comptia Troubleshooting guidelines/steps, Raid, types of sites (hot, cold, warm), security protocols, what layers certain protocols/devices work at, Backups, ...

I used Mike Meyers, Sybex and Exam Cram2 books.
The things that help the most were the Tech Notes from TechExams and Practice tests from here and various sites. Thanks Johan!


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