Fixed Length Subnet Masking

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Hi all,

question on a fixed length subnet masking.  If we are given and are asked to find the fixed length subnets that would exist if we had a requirement to carve out 7 subnets from that, what would the subnet ranges end up being?  I realize that it's a little hinky and you probably wouldn't be given a reservation that starts off in the middle of range.  But the range of would be -, correct?  Then from that because with fixed length subnet masking we would add three bits to the subnet mask which would be /15, and then subnets would be intervals of .2 in the second subnet, correct?  So we would go,,, and so on, correct? Or since we are using three more bits for the subnet mask would we be using 32 and going outside of the starting IP range so the subnets would be and so on?  
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