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What is the difference between subnetting a network vs using different network ranges

For eg i have 160 hosts and i want to divide into two sections

I can either use to for the first and to for second segment

Or i can use subnetting to for first segment and to

One method uses 1 bit subnetting the second uses different network address . 

Why do i need subnetting while i can simply use different network IP adress,is there a advantage using subnetting or will there be congestion if i use different network ranges on a same network (without vlan or layer3 device)


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    Subnetting divides broadcast domains, so instead of having one large broadcast domain (like in your first example), subnetting a /24 range to smaller ones will divide the larger broadcast domain to smaller ones. That leads to more efficient routing/performance/speeds and yes, it reduces congestion and loads. The subnet mask is what indicates which subnet the traffic belongs to.
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