Multiple Remote Jobs - What has been your experience?

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heh all,

for those of you who have tried working more than one remote job with different employers, what has your experience been?  What works, and what doesn't work?  I've been given the tip to do this but have this lingering feeling that the meeting times are gonna clash between the two jobs.
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    IMO, I dont think it could work for a long term specially if both of them ignore there are another one, except if the second job is very asynchronous in nature. 
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    I know someone who does it successfully as a Network Engineer.

    At his #1 job,
    no one else really knows how to do what he does....  so nobody can bother him. For the most part, he works on his own schedule.

    At his #2 job,
    he takes on (6-month) contract-to-hire assignments.

    Simulatneous zoom-meetings are the biggest challenge.

    Sometimes it gets too hectic....
    and he has to diconnect his network connection, and claim his internet went out lol

    Not sure if there's any "on call".

    The funniest part,
    is that his #1 job usually gives everybody a 2% annual raise (no matter what your Performance review says).
    All his coworkers complain about it..... but not him :]

    I think he's crazy... but he made over 200k last year. so i guess its worth it.
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    Also, working as a contractor in Job#2 is pretty clever.

    The contract company is just the "middle man" who is happily taking a CUT out of your labor.
    They have no incentive to proactively dig/check if you are double-dipping.

    And, the company who you are working "at".... they dont actually have your personal information.
    So they can't run your SS# and see if you are double-dipping either.

    Also, if you want to Quit working for them (after the initial 6 months)....  there's really Not much that they can say.

    You were never really their employee

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