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I’m surprised this forum doesn’t get posted as much. AWS is booming as of late. After three long years of on and off study, I finally took and passed the Solutions Architect exam. The exam I will say is vastly broad like the Cloud Practitioner, but you also had to know what the best solution is to a current real world problem. I primarily used the Neal Davis Udemy course to prepare for the exam and his practice test. The practice test I will say are on par with what you will see, but just a bit harder. I can honestly say I was mentally fried after the exam and it doesn’t help either that AWS no longer provides the results of the exam after you finish. You have to wait about a day to get your results. 

For anyone interested in this exam you should definitely look over cost effective solutions, understand what each service does, understand lambda functions, storage capabilities, and providing availability to the cloud in a secure matter. I can finally breath east knowing that I finally cleared this one after putting it off for so long. Now it’s time to finally look at the OSCP or the Practical Network Pentester. 


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    Thank you, I am preparing for the Solutions Architect exam. I will surely keep those things in my mind. Can you recommend me any site or video where I can find more help? Thank you in advance.
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    Most of the time if I had questions on the service I would Google the AWS white papers. Udemy also has great courses that you can look up for help. Stephane Maarek is also highly recommended from what I read and heard on YouTube. 
    Goals: PNPT; OSCP; GPYC; GSE
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