Difference b/w Simlets and Simulations?

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I've seen them referenced and thought they were one in the same. Now I"m not so sure. Can somebody please explain?


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    A simulation you are given a network, and access to the console of one or more routers. You configure the router(s) to solve the problem given to you in the question. The simulated routers work almost like the real ones.

    The simlet is similar but:
    You are given a network, and access to the console of one or more routers/switches, and you have x # of questions to answer about the network based on what you can determine from the console(s). Again, the consoles operate almost like the real thing.

    To sum up, the simulation you fix/change the configuration.
    The simlet you use the simulated console(s) to answer questions.
    Simulations you do, simlets you find.

    Cisco has samples on their site. I strongly suggest setting up a free account with the CCNA prep center.
    Here's the tutorial link (You don't need an account with Prepcenter) : http://www.cisco.com/web/learning/wwtraining/certprog/training/cert_exam_tutorial.html
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    Thanks for the explanation.

    I'm already registered and have been using their site! :)
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