CCST Networking

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Just passed the CCST Networking exam!

Study material:
Free 'Cisco Skills for all' training course - course was great & helped me create a reliable study plan.
Studied total of 100hrs (including polishing up and practice exams after the study material was complete).

Definitely recommend this cert/Cisco study course for anyone interested in this cert.

My opinion on a common question I see floating around: CCNA or CCST - Personally I felt the need to get a 'win' before I tackled the CCNA as it seemed like a challenge. Now I have a win, I feel confident in my skills and can happily move forward with the CCNA (also interested in the CCST Security cert). For me, it made sense to go for a smaller fish first (instead of no fish) and then ride on the wave of that success to carry me towards getting the big fish.

Certs: CompTIA A+, MTA: Server Admin, CCST - Networking & Azure Fundamentals.


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