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What do you guys think of the CCNA hardware kits you see on ebay they have like 2 switches a router and cables. what would you guys in the cisco field recommend for a newbie like me?? I struggling to learn this but being a Air Force spouse we're moving in 3 months so no time for school.


Books I have Cisco Press CCNA Self-Study and Exam Cram CCNA

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    u can use 2 2500s for 30-75 each or ( these have 2 serial t1s and 1 ethernet port)
    2 1720s with serial wics for 75 to 150 each ( these have fastethernet)
    for a switch on the lowest end i recommend a 2900xl-en as it will move into the ccnp track if you were going to persue it but these are about 75-150 ( works closest to a 2950 but way better than 1900)
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