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Hey guys......I am studying for the A+ 220-301 with the Testout software 2003 and am finding alot of conflicting info. Has anyone ever rated testout software. I have bounced back and forth between different forums and here everyone claim Mike Meyers A+ book is the best info.

example:Testout question Refrazed!

What is the most common Digital camera connectors in use today?

Testout teaches that scsi and USB are the answer. I have never seen a scsi connector on a digital camera but its in the quesions. Other tests online claim that serial and USB are the answer. Please clarify! There are many questions that differ like this!
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    I will agree that your best solution for study material in addition to the Objectives will be Mike Meyers AIO book.

    You may find this link of some use:

    Keep in mind the exam covers material that 'exists' still today or may be slightly obscelete (and still found in the market). SCSI is not an incorrect answer, though I would not have limited to only USB and SCSI as I've had a serial camera as well as one that worked through my parallel port...and not all that long ago. Additionally, that camera did plug into the PS/2 port, piggy-backed with my keyboard and a second adapter for the parallel port.

    There is a LOT of hardware out there and a lot of stuff people bring into computer shops for repair that they have NO idea what it is....that is your job to know. So get as familar as possible with all sorts of hardware. Pick a topic and research it to it beginnings or at least sometime in the mid-90s.
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  • Devin McCloudDevin McCloud Member Posts: 133
    I am starting to think that the reason for conflicting data is because of different objectives. 220-221 and 220-301 have alot of info , between the two, that isnt emphasized as much. So maybe scsi and usb are the most common now ....but in the older test ...maybe...serial and usb were. Its hard to say with all the online tests I've been taking. I thought I was ready acing all the testout tests, but now I'm a little nervous and will test for a week longer to make sure I get the best score possible! Thanks!
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