Isaca's CRISC: Review Manual & QA Book Not Aligned

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I am new here and looking for some guidance -

I recently started preparing for the CRISC, and for that purpose purchased Isaca's 7th edition review manual, as well as 6th edition review questions, answers, and explanations QA book. 
After only the 1st chapter, I am noticing material in the review manual and questions in the QA book are not aligned.
Ex: questions in the QA book that are under 1st domain are NOT anywhere within the first domain (chapter) in the review manual (ex: risk treatment plan).
2nd ex: QA book has questions under 1st domain that are not mentioned in the review manual at all (ex: aro, sle, ale...).

The problem: the way my brain works, it all has to be aligned / structured / in order - to be able to follow.

And with this in mind, how to be assured these two books are enough to prepare for the exam? Any ideas / guidance / suggestions - please and thank you!


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