How do I fix my folder?

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I read an article on how to give a shared drive over the network a recycling bin in a roundabout way...I read if I go into the location tab of one of my shell user folders (i.e. contacts) and change the path to the folder on the network drive that i was looking to add a recyling bin to, that it would allow me to delete things from the network folder and they would appear in my local recycling bin. This actually worked! However it only works on a per user basis as i found out. So i decided not to do this for every user. 

But now this is where the problem lies... That shared folder on the network now is displayed as "Contacts" locally and it has the contact folder icon. The actual Share itself still shows up correctly and all of the files are in tact. It doesnt look like proper pathways were broken... However I tried going back into the contacts folder and changing the path back to default or "C:\users"user"\contacts but the entire location tab in the properties section is missing. So now I cant change my contacts path back. Luckily as I said the share on the actual server is still named the appropriate name but on my server i don't know how to fix this.

I've read that it's an issue where I might have to go into the registry and add a key to the properties sheet directory? There's a ton of data in this folder and on this server and I'm worried this small change might have caused an issue. So far all the data is in tact and nobody who uses the share has authentication or connection issues but it's still a problem. I tested this on my personal computer and I was able to replicate the issue where the shared folder locally still maintains the correct object name when you go into the security tab. However, the actual folder in file explorer at face value shows the contact folder icon with the name "contacts". 

Can someone help?

Pictures are added

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