Is CCNP Enterprise necessary for network security engineer career path

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First of all a little bit of my background. I am a network engineer currently and have CCNA cert. Currently I work with Cisco/Aruba for switching/routing and Palo Alto firewalls. I also have some experience on DUO, Umbrella and email filtering from my previous job.  recently i have been thinking what I want to be next.  I like both networking and security so either career path is fine to me.  It all comes down to the career growth prospects. Based on my experiences which path is better for me in terms of job marketing and salary ( with a family and children money does matter)?  
If I am looking for a Senior network engineer position then getting a CCNP Enterprise seems to be a must.  I can also get Palo Alto PCNSE. that sounds a good combination.   I can also learn some Python, some AWS/Azure architect training. This career path seems to be quite straightforward. 
If I want to go to the network security route then what certificates should I pursue?  At first I was thinking CCNP Enterprise + PCNSE then  some cloud security certs and CISSP.  But it appears there is a high demand for Cisco ISE so I was thinking getting CCNP security as well but that would end up a whole lot of certs I need to do.  I have a family and children so I am trying to use my time more efficiently. The problem for CCNP security is I do not use FTD and Cisco VPN stuff. It seems to be a waste of time. I do enjoy learning it is just that I am at a point that I have to be mindful about my time and energy because of other life obligations. So If you can share your experience or advice  I would be very grateful.

Thanks in advance!


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    redgrass said:
    The problem for CCNP security is I do not use FTD and Cisco VPN stuff. It seems to be a waste of time.

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    My networking/security path was CCNA (2010), CCNA Security (2013), and CCNP Security (2014). Those certifications aligned with the roles and responsibilities that I held throughout those years. I do not believe there is a specific path for any IT career. Most of us did not have a straight-forward route to where we all ended up. Firstly, I would say take advantage of whatever is available to you within your current employer. Secondly, look up the type of skills and credentials being listed in vacancies in your area. 

    Good luck!
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    Given your experience, pursuing a career in Network Security with certifications like CCNP Enterprise, PCNSE, CISSP, and cloud security can be rewarding. Balance your time effectively and prioritize certifications that align with your goals. Practical experience is invaluable. 
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