New version of the Security+ (SY0-701) is available

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Patrick Lane joined us for a webinar on the new Security+ exam, SY0-701, which went live in November 2023. If you don't know Patrick, he leads the Security+ and a few other certs for CompTIA, so he is THE resource for what's new.
Some quick highlights on the job market:
  • Security+ recently passed 700,000 certification holders.
  • 24% of the U.S. employed cybersecurity workforce now has a Security+
Exam changes (See slides 11-12 or watch that section of the webinar for full context:): 
  • About 20% of the exam objectives were changed from 601
  • All five domain names were modified
  • There are now 28 objectives instead of 35 to reflect the more focused job role in a maturing industry
  • Version 601 is still available through July 2024, so no need to panic if you're currently training for that version
Quick promotional note: If you're looking for a boot camp to prepare for the cert, we're CompTIA's top partner and you can get $500 off an Infosec Boot Camp through the end of 2023. Just make sure to talk to our team and book your training before the end of the year.
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