CC exam opinion

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Today i took my CC exam i was excited because i knew i had studied i knew i was ready i had learned all the Terminology that was taught on the 5 chapters. i took practice exam after practice exam and was passing with an average 85% went and reran through the modules again. welp i failed. maybe 10-14 questions were actually about what i studied so hard for and 100 questions in 2hrs is not enough time in the end i had to rush through the test because i had no time to think about the questions. So when all said and done i was thinking to myself about how i will take it again but thats when i stopped and notice well i cant even use the modules and chapters in the self paced course because the questions almost had nothing to do with what i learned. So now im taking a google cybersecurity certificate course. I was set up for failure and the practice exams dont even matter cuz not 1 question was even close to the style or format as the practice questions.


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