AWS classes at Stanly Community College (SCC)

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SCC offers the following AWS courses:

1. AWS Academy Cloud Foundations­­­:
Begin with an introduction to cloud computing and AWS, covering fundamental concepts, services, and architectural best practices.

2. AWS Academy Cloud Security Foundations:
After completing the Cloud Foundations course, you can delve into the Cloud Security Foundations course. This will provide a solid understanding of security concepts and best practices specific to AWS.

3. AWS Academy Cloud Architecting:
Take AWS Cloud Architecting course that focuses on cloud architecture, covering the design of scalable and highly available systems on AWS.

4. AWS Academy Cloud Operations:
Take Cloud Operations course that covers managing and operating applications on AWS, including, AWS CLI, monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimizing AWS environments.

5. AWS Academy Cloud Developing:
If your goal is to become a developer on AWS, progress to a Cloud Developing course, which typically covers building applications on AWS, integrating services, and development best practices.

The next session begins 13 March 2024.  If you are interested, please visit



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    I’ve taken their foundations and architecting courses. Like the labs.

    Would probably recommend Tutorial Dojo for practice exam questions if you go the AWS Academy route to cover the delta between the course and exam:

    I took the practitioner and solutions architect associate exams following both courses. I felt like the courses were 75% exam content coverage. I passed but not competently.
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