Seems to be a daily occurrence

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As I peruse cyber news on a daily basis...How many times have you come across something that has affected you (Online Service, Store, Bank, Social Media) by a data breach?  I can almost name a handful maybe more.  Have you ever done anything about it?  OR do you just wait till they mail you something stating they F'd up?  Have you ever decided to start a lawsuit for their slacking security posture?  Just curious, as I am thinking about it...I mean, no one likes to be sued whatsoever...but I have to wonder if they hired somebody whom 1) didn't care, it's only a job  2) lack of security experience 3) didn't have the budget to secure the ntwk with depth defenses 4) hired someone cheaper over the security guru that would have broken the CEO bonus for the year. 
I am sure there are many reasons and scenarios that we will never know about because it's all about damage control after it happens.  SO the public rarely knows what really happened, except maybe a small summary from a journalist through reliable sources.  
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