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I just got back from taking the Security+ exam on 6-30 and I think I may have been a little cocky, but now at least I know better. I have been doing IA work in the military for a few years so I decided to take the test. I did go to a 4 day course where I was basically told what not to worry about for the test, he was wrong by the way. So my plan is to study on my own and use a few CBTs. Does anyone have any suggestions for study material? I didn't miss by much, but the cryptography killed me. Thanks.


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    justus1 wrote:
    I didn't miss by much, but the cryptography killed me. Thanks.
    That's what I have heard! I am going to take this exam next week, so the day before I am going to cram cram cram encryption/cryptography. A few years ago (in 2003 when I was originally preparing for this exam before I got sidetracked) I was pretty decent on security since I have a great interest in firewalls, so I took a couple of practice exams and scored in the 70% range without specifically studying for the exam. I decided to take a 5 day boot camp on Sec+ to see if it would get me past the 85%. Well at the end of the boot camp I scored 72% on the practice exam. What a waste!

    So far this time around I have used Exam Cram 2, Dummies, Tech Notes on this site, and CBT Nuggets. I have not been able to dedicate more than a few hours a week to study, so that may hurt my chances, but I decided to sit the exam while I was able to purchase a $130 voucher. If I fail, it will have been no more than the cost of some practice exams and should give me a better idea of what to expect and where I need to brush up for another attempt inside of a 2-4 weeks.
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    Just to let you know, you need an 83% on a normal scale of 0-100 in order to pass. I got the equivalent of an 82. icon_sad.gif
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