Dropout to 6-Figs and Remote Now (Thanks to this forum)

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Hey everyone,

I'm usually more active on Twitter/X, sharing snippets of my journey and interacting with the tech community there. However, today I felt compelled to come back to where it all began for me—right here on this forum. I'm launching an ebook, and it only felt right to share this milestone with you all first because this community is where my dream started to take shape.

This forum showed me the possibilities that the tech world offered, stories of individuals thriving in tech careers without traditional degrees, making six figures, and enjoying the freedom it brought into their lives. Seeing those stories here made me believe I could do it too, that I wasn't just chasing shadows.

Starting from Scratch

My story didn't start with a grand plan laid out. Far from it. I was knee-deep in the food industry, far removed from anything tech. But it was here, amidst discussions and shared experiences, that I found my beacon of hope. I realized that tech was more about skills and less about titles, and with the right approach, I too could carve out a space for myself.

The Long Road Through Certifications

Certifications were my stepping stones. I won't sugarcoat it; the journey was tough. Every CompTIA certification was a battle of its own, demanding sacrifice, determination, and a whole lot of caffeine. But with each certificate, I wasn't just adding another line to my resume; I was building confidence, skill by skill.

Crafting the Dream Life

My goal was never just about landing a tech job. It was about creating a life where work didn't feel like a constraint. Remote work became my Holy Grail, offering the freedom to blend work with life seamlessly, not balance them like opposing forces. This dream of a remote lifestyle was what kept me going, through every failed test and every moment of doubt.

Giving Back to Where It All Started

As I stand on the verge of launching my ebook, "DigitalLiberation," it's a surreal feeling. This book is more than just my journey; it's a guide for anyone standing where I once stood, looking at the tech world from the outside, wondering if there's a place for them. It's everything I learned, packaged with the hope that it might light the path for someone else.

This forum was my starting point, a place of inspiration and support. Coming back here to share my story isn't just about promoting a book; it's about coming full circle, giving back to the community that gave me so much.

To Anyone On the Fence

If you're out there, scrolling through posts, wondering if a leap into tech is possible for you—believe me, it is. It won't be easy. There will be moments of frustration, times when you'll question everything. But with persistence, a willingness to learn, and the courage to take that first step, the possibilities are endless.

My book, "DigitalLiberation," is a testament to that journey. It's an honest, no-frills guide through the maze of tech, aimed at helping you find your way, whether you're dreaming of six figures, craving the freedom of remote work, or both. If you're curious, I invite you to take a look: https://cyberandchill.gumroad.com/l/digitalliberation

Thank you, everyone, for being part of my journey, for the inspiration, advice, and encouragement shared within this community. Here's to chasing dreams, no matter where we start.
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