What is business Internet supposed to be today? MetroEthernet? ???

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I started a new job as a network engineer and I am not all that aware of what's typically used in the USA for business Internet as of 2024.

When I was getting my CCNA, I recall Cisco content mentioning things like serial links, Frame Relay, PPP—but they always seemed to make sure this was understood as a point-to-point sort of solution that was meant to support hub and spoke designs where an HQ would connect to branch sites. They did not ever seem to correlate any of that to just plain Internet access for the business.

Fast forward to today where I am being exposed to certain things on the job, I am being told that things like T1 circuits and other such could have been something businesses used for business Internet.

The last environment I was at where I was provided access to the network, I recall them specifically connecting their network edge device to their ISP via Ethernet. Why?

All of this just confuses the heck out of me because what Cisco told me is not what I am seeing in reality. Is connecting to your ISP via Ethernet (using something like CAT6) automatically equal Metro Ethernet? Is this the standard now?

If not, what is? What are businesses using for their Internet circuits?
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