CompTIA ITF+ to be rebranded Tech+

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CompTIA ITF+ IT Fundamentals is a broad survey of technologies covered by the CompTIA A+, Net+, Sec+, Cloud+, etc. certs.
ITF+ will be rebranded to Tech+ in 2024, and the Tech+ exam updated in 2025. Here are some particulars:
  • ITF+ cert will be renamed to Tech+ in July/August 2024
  • ITF+ exam (FC0-061) retirement is TBA (likely June 2025)
  • The first updated Tech+ exam (FC0-071) will be released (early) in 2025
  • 10% change in exams objectives between FC0-061 and FC0-071
  •     Acronyms updated: 39 removed; 26 added
  •     Hardware and software terms, technology, and products updated for 2024
  • FC0-061 is for the entry-level IT professional
  • FC0-071 is for the (experienced) IT professional
  • ITF+ and Tech+ are lifetime certs
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