Why do Employers want MCSCE when Microsoft retired certification?

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It is funny I see so many job posting wanting MCSE certification... yet Microsoft no longer offers the MCSE. They have new certifications by job roles now. I don't know if employers ever bother to keep up with the Microsoft website and see what certifications Microsoft currently offers? Like for example if I wanted to go for the MCSE I couldn't if I wanted to because Microsoft no longer offers that certification.  So for an employer saying must pass the MCSE within 18 months of getting hired is so silly if it is a certification Microsoft no longer offers! How are they suppose to pass it then? You can't even sit for the certification exams anymore.
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    Certs don't disappear from your resume just because their exam is retired or the cert itself is no longer offered. People who have the MCSA or MCSE certs still have those (expired) certs and can qualify to interview for jobs that are asking for them. People who don't have those certs will contact the recruiter that posted the job and ask if having those certs is really necessary to interview for that job. If those cert are required then that potential candidate will not qualify for an interview.

    MCSA, MCSD, MCSE certifications retire

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    Employers asking for MCSE certification might be relying on outdated job descriptions or not keeping up with Microsoft's updated certification paths. Since Microsoft has shifted to role-based certifications, job seekers should point out these changes and suggest equivalent or current certifications that align with the required skills. It's important for both employers and candidates to stay updated on certification trends to ensure job requirements reflect the latest industry standards.

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