Experienced Network operator with no CCNA needs a plan :)

tigerGTtigerGT Member Posts: 2 ■□□□□□□□□□
Hi all,

I was wandering if i can get some direction as i think i need a plan and i do not have one. I have been working with Cisco Routers for over 2 years now. I am in service assurance meaning I deal with troubleshooting mainly. I mostly work on 7600 routers and 3550 hubs.
I have been lazy but I now want to go into turbo mode and do what I can to sit and pass this exam. I have the Richard Deal CCNA study guide for the 640-801 exam. I do not have any practice questions however nor do I have any sort of past exams or whatever it is that people use when cramming. I am currently just reading the book. I have the CCNA self study guie also by Odom ( two books). I have not looked at these books yet as they looked too thick and daunting.
I understand everything I read and have a good IT background but ever since I finished my degree I have been put off further study. I now need to get motivated to pass this CCNA. I really really want to but need a plan..
Should i buy some sort of past papers ? I dont know where to go for the simulator questions?

I am sorryfor the long post but would really appreciate your feedback.

I want to have my CCNA by the end of August. Is this unrealistic?

Thanks heaps


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    flares2flares2 Member Posts: 79 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Hey tiger,
    First of all as you can see, I don't have my CCNA yet so don't take my words for golden, I'm here more for encouragement.
    But I've seen posts like this in the past and the general consensus is that you have some experience, you have the resources (books and access to Cisco devices), now it's all you.
    Everyone here seems to have the same formula for success: Read your books from cover to cover, do a few practice exams, go through the labs over and over and over and be able to subnet like there's no tomorrow.
    You got the experience and the resources, if you got the dedication, you can easily have this done by the end of August.
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    skaeightskaeight Member Posts: 130
    I would agree it sounds like you should easily be able to attain CCNA by the end of August as long as you put the work in. I'd actually suggest starting with the Odom book and then maybe using the other book you mentioned as review.

    One additional note, as far as "past exams," or "past papers," it sounds like you're refering to brain ****, which no one here will condone or assist you with. I'll tell you what everyone else will say, just learn the material and don't get caught up in worrying about looking at past exams. If you know the material you won't need them.

    Good luck with everything.
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    tigerGTtigerGT Member Posts: 2 ■□□□□□□□□□
    OK well I started going hard today.
    Just reading and summurising OSPF from chapter 11 from Richard Deals book. I am comfortable with this book but once finished I will then refer back to Odom.
    Does anyone here usually book the exam before they are ready? ie I am no where near ready at the moment but I think if I have an exam date already set it may force me to be more prepared. A bit like an exam during University.

    Curious to know if anyone here uses this method?

    Also is the BOSON simulation (learning edition ) good enough to pass?

    I already have some Cisco experience at work (mainly show and simple troubleshooting commands).

    Im gettign married in september 23rd this year and fear that after this date I will never be able to do another certification.... I hope not the case but ive never been marreid before and dont know what its going to be like... Hopefully not as complex as some CCNA content...

    Thanks heaps guys
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    Danman32Danman32 Member Posts: 1,243
    I agree on subnetting. You don't get a calculator of any kind, and you probably will get questions where you need to figure out if one or more IPs are in the same subnet as the others, so you will have to figure out subnets in your head and quickly. The test does not allow you much time to dawdle, especially when you need to spend a decent chunk on the sims and simlets. You could know how to subnet well in the real world, but if you have been relying on calculators to help, you won't have that luxury here. That can turn a wiz into feeling like a dunce, even though they are not a dunce.

    You need to understand not only routers but also the basics of switches and how to work with them, including getting information from them. It sounds though that you'll have an advantage over those that have not worked with Cisco much in that entering and configuring the terminal interfaces and getting to different config modes will be second nature to you.
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    bigga12bigga12 Member Posts: 26 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Speaking from experience the worst thing you can do is start studying and take days off at a time...NO BREAKS..When you start stick with it....Study daily sometimes 2 - 3 times a day until you know the material..not memorize...but KNOW....KNOW how to apply what and when..

    Good Luck...
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