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Hello.. I am currently looking for advice on which certification path I should pursue. First, a bit of background:

3 year IT diploma from a tech school, courses included:
A+, network+, Cisco CCNA, security+, wireless technologies, html design, and older novell netware 5. some of the Server 2000 for MCSE, various business 'soft skill courses' (organizational behaviour, technical communications, etc)

Almost 3 years of IT experience:
-6 months Comp tech intern @ elementary & high school
-14 months on a hardware/software deployment team for an electrical company w/ 2200 users
-11 months in a tier II support role for an ISP (internet tech - in home visits to fix customer's internet/email access, router, virus/spyware issues)
-3 months, service desk analyst @ current job. we provide IT support for all of the province's health regions. We also create AD accounts, provide support for & create various health specific application accounts.

At current, I am interested into going into security in the future as the company I am employed by strongly encourages training & hiring from within. However, I only have my A+ from March 2001.

Looking around various certifications, the ones I am closest to writing are ITIL foundations & network+. I finished my CCNA semesters over a year ago & would definitely need some refreshing. I am also interested in MCSA: Security specialization, which would probably lead to MCSE down the line.

Any ideas which to pursue first? Should I go with my ITIL foundations & network+, then pursue some MCSA... granted I know the main choice is my own but I love feedback & any would be greatly appreciated.


Edit to add that the company I am currently employed by highly recommend employees to pursue ITIL certifications as they follow ITIL standards very closely.


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    No point asking us, you have your direction set... Off you go.

    Come back if you need any help.
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    I'd say go with the Net+ for starters.

    You can then build on this and move forward to CCNA.

    Once you have done that you could go on the M$ track and head for MCSA.
    (IIRC, A+ and Net+ make up one elective for MCSA already)
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    IMHO - Your plan is a good one. Go for the ITIL first if you would like to stay with your current company, as they hold that in high regard it will help you with advancement from within. Then do the Net+ to get your feet wet, round out your skills, and establish good study habits. From there it's your choice between Sec+ or A MS cert to begin the MCSA/Sec track. Best of luck to you, and be sure to keep us posted on your progress. We learn from each other here.
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    The first line in your post nearly had me believe you actually had those certs. Net+, security+, CCNA would be a good start.

    Depending on what tests you passed towards MCSA 2000, if you had 2 or more tests towards it, you could leverage those towards MCSA 2003, then move towards 2003.

    I had 210 and 215 done a few years ago. A few months ago added 218 and since I also had A+/Net+ and Exchange 2000, became MCSA 2000. Took 292 to become MCSA 2003. Got ambitious and took 293, 294, and 298 to get MCSE. Before restarting the MS track, I took a course on CCNA and passed the cert on 2nd attempt two weeks later. Just missed passing Sec+, still working on that. If wanted to, I could then pass 299 and have MCSE with security specialization. But I got tired of MS tests, so I may do it a few months down the road.

    May also consider CCNP later too.

    If you haven't passed any MS tests towards 2000 MCSA, then just go for the 2003 track, with XP as the client.
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