Any Cbt's for 70-290

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Does anyone have any CBT's available for 70-290 and 20-291? Heck why not just make if for the entire MCSE track. I was told that these are great. I passed all my previous test due to 6 yrs of helpdesk experience,and living on my computer. I've begun to worry about the upcoming exams though as they appear to be to another extreme. I will take 290 next and then carry on from there. I've been knocking these out monthly and would like to stay on track. I like the MS test a lot due to the extremety of the test. It appears that you actually have to know what you are doing which will eliminate all paper techs.


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    Sounds like a good book, like Sybex books, would do fine for you. If you get the sybex core package (290,291,293,294), you get extra exams, and a 180 day trial version of W2K3, as well as the discount for the combo compared to buying the books separately. The sims included stink. You're better off getting 2 or 3 PCs together and setting up your own lab. I used an old PIII 500 that I used to use as my main desktop, my main desktop which had plenty of disk space so I configured it to dual boot to W2K3, and my laptop running XP when I had the occasional need to have 2 servers and a desktop (which helped working with NLB clustering).

    The sims are easy if you have worked with the related consoles at all. It sounds like you would have no problems with them. However the form questions are still a bit tricky.
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