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I passed the Network+ exam last week, and am looking for the next exam I will take. I was thinking about taking the A+, but was wondering about the CCNA.

How much does the Network+ prepare you for the CCNA? I am just trying to start my career, I'm receiving my BS this december. A friend told me that since I just took the Network+, a month of studying for the CCNA would be all I need.


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    A friend told me that since I just took the Network+, a month of studying for the CCNA would be all I need.
    You're friend is very incorrect, you might need only a month, but not because you passed the Network+ exam, if you can make it in a month it will be because you studied your @ss off. ;)

    Network+ is the level of networking knowledge you should have before you start with CCNA, it does help a lot. There is some overlap (10% max), but the CCNA is much more detailed. And whereas the Network+ covers basic network technologies (theory), the CCNA will require you to actually configure cisco routers and switches, and design complex IP addressing schemes using subnetting (skills). Also the passing score of CCNA is much higher and the questions more difficult (although not as tricky as CompTIA questions.) Try our practice exams, and read the CCNA TechNote ansd you'll see what I mean.

    The CCNA exam is not an exam you want to underestimate. There are now two options two become a CCNA, you can take two separate exams or one. I do think that those who passed the Network+ exam should go for 'the one exam'.

    Good luck!

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    thanks for the info. sorry for the cross-posting i'm new to the forums.
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    Earlier this year I did A+ with 6 weeks of study, I then did Network+ with 5 weeks of study I figured I could do CCNA within a few weeks after passing the Network+ but it's been 16 weeks and only now do I feel like I'm ready to attempt the exam. CCNA is pretty darn tough compared to the Comptia exams.
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    I took the network + and got an 820 with no studying. Studied for the CCNA for 3 days and got a 847. Passing is 849. I would suggest to study for at least a week. There are very few questions on the CCNA test that are similiar to the network +. Just the OSI. Even the Subnetting is a little different. No VLSM that I saw on the cisco.
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    At least a week? If a week means 7 days 8 hours per day, yeah than you got a good chance. But if you study a couple of hours per day most people will need more than a week. Obviously, because you passed the Net+ exam without study you have a lot of experience.
    Even the Subnetting is a little different
    There isn't actually subnetting on the Network+ exam.
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