Why do YOU want your CCNA?

homerj742homerj742 Member Posts: 251
This forum is fantastic for many reasons.

I thought it would be cool to read everyone's reasons/inspirations for getting their cert?

This is my first certification. I always wanted to get into networking, and didn't have much experience (other than making small stub networks). CCNA was a great way for me to learn alot about it and help me build a solid foundation.

Hopefully it will open some doors for me.

Also, I'm getting sick and tired of end user support (I know, I'm thankful for the job I have), but I don't want to teach someone how to launch an application or things like that.

Studying for this test has been a challenge and I look forward to taking my exam on July 29th. I'm armed with Sybex CCNA 4th Ed., Boson Router Sim, and 2 2507 Routers at home.


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    wizarddeathwizarddeath Member Posts: 115
    I want to break into the It field. have no professional experience other then selling computers/tech support out of my home for the last 2 years(and Im tired of that). I figured some certs would do me good. trying to buckle down onto this 70-270 exam now.

    Starting to find out like everyone says, getting into an IT position is tough! Takes experience to get a job, but a job to get experience =/
    70-291 Next....
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    homerj742homerj742 Member Posts: 251
    Your last statement hits the nail on the head. I had the same trouble when looking for my first post graduate job. Luckily I got a few internships before hand which made things a bit better.

    I'm fortunate to have a job in a small consulting company right now. But as always, the grass is always greener right?

    I hope the CCNA will help open even more doors.
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    frankj1247frankj1247 Member Posts: 111
    I'm a knowledge freak, I love to learn.

    I'm also studying for CCNA right now for the same reasons as the rest of you guys, "OPEN MORE DOORS". I've been on job interviews before where I have been asked if I had my CCNA; and always replying, "NO", "BUT", "I WILL SOON" always kills the interview.

    I had an internship out of school(out 2 years), but I've been self-employed for 6 years and I don't plan on going on anymore interviews until I have the CCNA and finish my MCSE because the experience I had interviewing out of college was so negative, in terms of $$$, I was offered some stuff, but man, what a joke especially without some acronyms to back up your knowledge employers try to take advantage of kids.

    That's my 2 cents.
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    homerj742homerj742 Member Posts: 251
    Funny, my goal one day is to be self employed. I need about 2-3 years of experience.
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