Self Test Software - how good is it?

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Good day,

I am in the middle of going through my A+ and at the end of this year I will be writting Hardware and Software along with Net + and then starting my MCSE. I have access to Self Test Software and before I use it I was curious on people's feedback on if they have used it before and if it's close to the exam format or is there something better?



  • strauchrstrauchr Member Posts: 528
    Its the only test software I used for all my MS exams. Very, very good and highly recommended.
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    I used it for MCDST. It wast very close to the same style of questions on the those 2 exams, and the study mode works well as a test of your readiness. I have never used SefTest for a ComTIA exam, however.
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    It's very good (though not perfect). That's the only thing I'm using at the moment for my MCSA and Server+. I tried Preplogic (which is gooda also) for my Network+.

    With SelfTest, you can make a comment upon a question and their tech support resonds quite quickly.

    Also, whatch out for discounts they have on their site. They recently had a "fire sale" where every test was 25% off. I snapped up a number of them.
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