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Has anyone taken this exam?
Is this entry level or do you really need experience with SQL 2005? or could any newbie with no experience pass be able to pass this?
I have some programming background in SQL last used on IBM DB2?



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    12thlevelwarrior12thlevelwarrior Member Posts: 302
    i am looking to take this one next, from microsoft's site it states this test is for a sql dba or a sys admin that wants to illustrate an expertise in an area. to me that means someone has a shot with alittle sql experience. i don't have much, so it may take longer.
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    rcooprcoop Member Posts: 183
    I haven't taken this exam, but if it is similar to 70-228 or 70-229, you will need SQL Server specific knowledge, not just know SQL syntax (ANSI or otherwise)... and T-SQL and the standard SQL Server programs and utilities (i.e. Enterprise Manager, Query Analyzer, OSQL, Server Manager, etc...) would likely be necessary.

    So, although I recommend reviewing the objectives to see for sure, I doubt someone would be able to pass the exam with only DB2 SQL programming experience.

    You can always download SQL Server 2005 Express Edition and play around with it a bit to see how much your current knowledge applies (although I don't know which applications/utilities come with it)... might be better to get a time-limited version of SQL Server 2005 Enterprise.

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