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Either I am stupid, or Syngress & MS Press are that bad, but two things with DNS that I am just not getting.

1.) Stub Zones - unlike Secondary zones they can not be used in a single i right on that? Do I put a stub zone of Forrest A into Forrest B, so the clients in Forrest B can be pointed to the authoritative DNS server in Forrest A?

2.) Zones and Sub-domains - Are they the same thing? To me the Syngress/MSP books seem to indicate that they are.

Spent 6 hours on Delegation and Stub Zones, and I am still not completly getting it. My confidence level regarding 70-291 is very low right now. icon_cry.gif

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    1. wrong
    2. no

    1. If you take the time to read it, this webcast thang talks all about stub zones. I also wrote some sort of explanation in this thread.

    2. They're not the same thing - zones are DNS while domains are AD - but they are tightly integrated (assuming you are talking about DNS zones).
    This article talks about it.
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    A stub zone is a zone containing NS Records of the master zone which is updated regularly.

    A Stub zone can be used in a multiple domain hiearchy to simplify name resolution, instead of your dns servers contacting root servers for queries.

    So if you have a forest with, and and When a client in queries for resources in with no stub zone configured then multiple DNS servers will be queried. Like so - - - -

    So if you have a stub zone in then because it contains the list of up to date authorative records a query from will be sent straight to

    Some get confused between stub zones and delegation. Stub zones are used to improve name resolution, delegation is used to ease administation within a large namespace dividing it in to more manageable portions.

    Another point to note is Conditional Forwarding. CF can be used when you want to resolve internet names or if you have a dns server that is responsible for an entire namespace. However, if there are any changes in DNS records CF would fail in the above example.

    Hope this helps and good luck!
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    I got some sleep and made another tempt at deploying a Stub zone, then it hit me......since I only have 1 license for W2K3 server, I deployed my 2nd DNS box on W2K server. Yup A W2K BOX!!!! Can try stub zones on W2K till the cows come home.......AAAHHHHH

    After 6 hours a banging my head aginst the wall I started second guessing my entire understanding of zones, delegation, and stubs, thus the stupid questions in my last post. I need to start over as if yesterday never happened. Gonna deploy the W2K3 180 day trial version on 2nd box and re-learn the last chapter.

    Someone please shoot me....
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