Help needed by newbie to work on getting MCSD

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Hi there,
I am a newbie to programming and I would like to work on developing my programming skills on VB.Net/C # and then continue on to go for MCSD certification. However I am just kind of stuck not sure on how to really start.

Can anyone advice me on any reading materials/reference that i could use to to help me to obtain and improve my programming skills from beginner to intermediate and moving on from there?

The problem i am facing is i just have been getting reading materials that does not really seem to help me much as the chapters start of for beginner and then it just gets too complicated on the next chapters as well as i could not get full code but only portions of it which really does not seem to help me to test it out nor understand it better (of course it might be just my competency issue icon_sad.gif ).

Anyway would really appreciate it if anyone can point me to the path to learn up VB.Net/C# and proceed with getting certification at later stage(at least want to be able to have good understand and be able to program some stuffs even if i cant go for certification level).

I am not looking for fast easy way, but just a path/reading material/reference that can help a beginner to move up to next level of skill as been failing miserably on choices of books where i did not seem to get going anywhere icon_sad.gif.

Hopefully some one can point me to the right direction. Thanks again for going through my thread here...


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