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I'm fed up with studying and have decided to take Security+ tommorrow. Its been nearly 2 years since my last cert so I forget much of the process. Will there be multiple answer questions? If so, will they be explicitly defined as such? Can you move back and forth through the questions? Do I have to sign the forms they give me in blood?
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  • sprkymrksprkymrk Member Posts: 4,884 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Maybe - I got 1 that was multiple answer and it said "pick three".

    You can mark a question to go back to it. Don't recall if there was a "Previous" button or not. but at the end you can go back to any question you want, whether you marked it or not.

    No, just in ink pen. :)
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  • Megadeth4168Megadeth4168 Member Posts: 2,157
    There is a pevious button
    A few people have said there are a couple multiple answer questions (I didnt run across any that I remember)
    Good luck!
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    At the end of the test, before you click to end there will be an opertunity to review your answers to questions you mark for review.

    At the top of the screen there should be a "mark for review" check box. Mark any questions you are not sure of.

    Good luck! :)
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