Passed today :-)

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Hi Folks,

I passed my Security+ certification exam today with 775 marks. It was not very hard, but at the same time it was also not too easy :).

For those who plan to take this exam, here are some of my experiences and suggestions from the test:

Time allocated for the test was sufficient for me, I finished all the 100 questions in approx 45 mins and then reviewed all of them again in next 20 mins.

There were bunch of questions on TCP/IP ports and also few on Cryptography and Social Engineering topic. I think most of the objectives were covered pretty well in the test, so make sure you study ALL their objectives.

I studied from two books:

1> Security+ Guide to Network Security- Cisco Learning Institute.
2> All-in-One security+ Certification

Also took practice online tests- Transcenders and also :D

Make sure you take online practice tests till you get confidence on giving this exam.

Thanks to all the ppl on the forum and good luck for those who plan to take this exam!



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    Congrats on the pass! Thanks for the review.
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    Congrats. :)icon_cool.gif

    I got the same score. Finsihed in less than 25 minutes. I got tons of encryption stuff, but it was pretty straight forward - no poorly worded questions or anything.
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    great job. Congratulations :)
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    how did you like this book ---> Security+ Guide to Network Security- Cisco Learning Institute. there are a few bad reviews on it from people who failed the test. did you like the book?
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    Congrats, I got the same score!
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    'grats dude
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