PASSED with a 720

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passed today, thank god. icon_confused.gif

was a good mix of everything, troubleshooting, scenarios, alot of netbios stuff, alot of router stuff, a few ipv4/ipv6 questions that were definitely like a foreign language to me...

i thought i would get a higher score, but all that really matters is a passing score.. all in all it took about 2 months and some change...

i used the mike meyers book, the notes from here (Thanks!), the examcram2 practice tests, and any free practice tests i can get my hands on.

i cant decide on whether i should go for CWNA or 70-270. i think im leaning more towards CWNA because i have always been fascinated with wireless, but MCSA would look real nice on a resume....what do you all think???

o yea, im gonna get the ETA rollover as well, anyone on here do that? did it work out ok??


  • WebmasterWebmaster Johan Hiemstra Admin Posts: 10,292 Admin

    Unless you plan to work with wireless networks and actually be able to apply the knowledge you'll pick up from preparing for the CWNA, MCSA seems like a better option to me. Though I agree CWNA is an interesting one for after Network+. The best one will probably be the one that will have the most influence on your career right now, which depends a lot on your current situation and plans for applying for certain jobs. If that all doesn't matter much, then I suggest going for the one you find most interesting.

    You can find more info about the ETA rollover option here:
  • Megadeth4168Megadeth4168 Psychotron Member Member Posts: 2,157
    For my situation I am going for the MCSA/MCSE first. For you it may be different though.

    I did the rollover and it worked out just fine.
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    Congrats. Just did mine this morning with 815. Was a whole lot easier than I expected. No questions about the 8 steps of troubleshooting. A bunch of DNS, WINS, DHCP questions. Only a couple of questions on OSI which really shocked me and a few more wireless then I expected. Used Thompson course from my employer, Actual Test, and tech notes here (thanks!). Already have 270 bagged so think I'm going to hammer out 290,291 and use A+, Net+ for elective for MCSA then decide where to go from there.
  • PCHoldmannPCHoldmann Senior Member Member Posts: 450
    Congrats both of you! I would agree that unless you are going to apply the wireless on the job now, the MCSA route would probably be the best. It is a more recognized cert, and the A+/Net+ combo works as an elective.

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    To Sunny Winters and Booboo2, too.

    I have no advice to give about career paths seing as I don't take my Net+ until Friday the 21st and I haven't yet decided which way I'm going to go. Anyway, best of luck to both of you.
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    Sunny Winters, Congrats!
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