Configuing Host with DNS or Superscope?

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I have a pratice question that states:

There is 300 PCs on a physical subnet and you want DHCP server to assign IP addresses from ranges and What feature of Windows 2003 DHCP server will allow you to configure all the host?

a) Superscopes
b) Option classes
c) Multicast scopes
d) DHCP integration with DNS.

Multicast scope is out because it deals with streaming. Option classes just give addition information to the PC.

It's option a or d.

By host I wonder if they are talking about host records. If it's host records it would option d.


  • Danman32Danman32 Member Posts: 1,243
    By hosts, they mean PCs.

    It isn't D since DNS won't help you issue addresses to two different subnets. DHCP integration with DNS simply updates the ptr record in the reverse lookup zone on behalf of the client, and if the client is not dynamic DNS aware, DHCP can update the A record as well on behalf of the client.

    The best answer is A. You would combine both subnets (scopes) into one big scope making it a superscope.
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    Its A, no doubt about it.

    Superscopes are a feauture of DHCP, that will also allow you to configure the hosts.

    Good luck!
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