Suggestions please...Server+ or Network+

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My goal MCSA... should I go for Server+ or Network+?


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    then you can use net+ and A+ as your elective for MCSA

  • bsktcse23bsktcse23 Member Posts: 14 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I was reading the MCSA requirements and you can use A+ and Network+ or A+ and Server+ as the elective.
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    just had a quick look, so you can. :)

    in that case it's going to be a matter of personal choice.

    net+ is the more popular of the 2

    try comparing the objectives for the two and see which one you would be more happy studying.

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    There is something to say for both. Server+ may be a good basic preparation for MCSA/E, but Network+ will give you a sound networking basis, also covering some 'older' network technologies that MS exams don't cover, but assume you 'know', and can also be used as a basis for CCNA. It's either system (/server) administration basics (Server+) or networking basics (Network+)... both are useful in most IT jobs, so I agree with Jrowe: in that case it's going to be a matter of personal choice.
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    I took both myself and actually thought that Network+ was more valuable to me. Server+ just seemed to be a regurgitation of Network+ and A+. The only important thing that most people would take away from Server+ is a solid understanding of SCSI and the different RAID configurations. While that is very important, you can learn a vast majority of that information in A+. The added information from Network+ should really broaden your knowledge and make you a more complete techie.

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    Net+ is almost theorical information and there is othing to do as a simulation on PC it contains the understanding of Network theories thts wht i deduced from accomplishing the NET+
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