unbelievable..failed security+ twice..

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christ, i took my security+ exam once again shortly after i failed my first attempt, still not good enough...got 710...

damn what a shame, i passed ccna, ccnp, mcp, A+, network+ with no problems..why can't i pass the security+ ? icon_lol.gif

anyway...i used the sybex security+ book, and thats the only book i used to prepare for the exam, i don't know what to do next..should i get another book ?


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    Yea...you almost HAVE to use multiple sources for this one...I used SYngress, Sybex, Passport, Exam Cram, Technotes, Megaguide, videos, and practice questions.....how many is that?

    I can't stress enough that you HAVE to use multiple sources for this exam...I've seen every book published for S+, and I can tell you that they all lack something the others have...IF, and I stress "IF" I were to choose only one...I would say Syngress without a shadow of a doubt.
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    I have the same problem. The material is not that difficult, but the questions/answers are sub standard IMHO.

    This is the first and only exam I have sat and failed - that includes a paternity one that I really REALLY wanted to fail icon_rolleyes.gif
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  • Use Syngress man!
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    I couldn't agree with you more on that Russ, the questions they ask you is beyond the point where there is no right or wrong answers..to be honest i am kinda disappointed at comptia security+, i thought i was fully prepared to ace the test, i had never anticipted for the exam to turn out this way..blah.. icon_rolleyes.gif

    oh well, thanks for everyone's suggestions, i have to wait (30) days before i can sign up for another try again, thanks all

    P.S. i will definitely look into the Syngress book, thanks again!
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    Multiple Sources is a huge plus....
    I used Testout Video Series and Exam Cram.
    Used both till I was scoring 99% and passed the examn with an 803 first attempt.

    To be honest if I had used only one source I would have failed simply because both sources combined still did not cover everything I saw on the test.

    So hang in there, cover your week spots and pass that exam!
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    I have to agree with everyone here on using multiple sources. Have you downloaded and printed the technotes from this site? They are great to read while you have a highlighter ready. I used 4 sources:
      Technotes Exam Cram CBTNuggets Dummies (not recommended though, there were mistakes)
    Plus I have been in the industry for about 8 years. I passed on the first attempt, but with a 775 - a pretty slim margin. The test is do-able and fair, but you just have to really prepare yourself. Good luck next time!
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    Well now i know you have to use multiple sources for this exam after $409 dollars went down the toilet icon_cry.gif Syngress book looks pretty good, just purchased one yesterday, sybex only covers roughly about 2/4 of the information compared to the syngress one which covers most of the objectives.
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    Sybex was a good one to start with to get the basics but Syngress is a good one to reinforce the basics and cover new ground.
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    You will make it, do not worry i filed for the first time, try to read other book and many many practice questions here this site practice many questions as much as you can, i practice more than 800, in different time. and relax and foucse you will pass, the day you are going to take the exam do not study, get relax, becuse you will read 100q,

    Good luck,

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    Let me share my study plan for Security+...I did not have this plan in mind to begin with, but I devised it while studying...

    " Vask3n's five steps to Security+ success" icon_santa.gif
    1. Begin with the Passport book. This will be a primer for every other book. I found that concepts in the exam cram book would be difficult to understand had I not read the Passport book.

    2. Move to the Exam Cram book. Now that you have read the Passport book, concepts will be easier to understand. Make sure to go over all practice questions in the Exam Cram book (even though I didnt go over most of the last practice exam in the book).

    3. All the while, reference to the Technotes on this site. If you need extra explanation, I highly advise Wikipedia.org, believe it or not.

    4. Now you're ready for the final review. Go through Syngress, and make sure you have solid knowledge of everything in the objectives.

    5. Once you are through the books and Technotes, as well as practice exams, go through the objectives multiple times. You should be able to describe and explain all objectives without referencing any matierial.

    With these 5 steps, I believe you are almost guaranteed to pass, provided you emphasize step 5.
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    Study smarter, not harder.

    Too many sources and your brain will go into overload.

    Comptia exams focus on the "what" as opposed to the "how". You're obviously smart if you passed the CCNA. You'll get it next time around.
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