how to find first cisco job

rockstar81rockstar81 Posts: 151Member
If someone has a CCNA and is looking for work within a Cisco environment how do they find such a job? What kind of titles would you search under? I have been looking under 1st line ccna, Cisco junior etc and not really coming up with much. Any advice is welcome.


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    Where have you been looking? I notice your in England what area are you from?

    In my experience have a look

    I use and Most "Cisco" related jobs are on the Green belt so London-Reading-Bracknell area and out the M4 to Bristol.

    Without experience its going to be tough to get in, I know a few ISP's take on first line engineers with little or no experience, but pay the national minimum wage to go with it.

    You could send out your CV to all the big players and see if you get a bite!

    Good luck, the hardest bit is getting that first job, after that its easy!
    Looking for CCIE lab study partnerts, in the UK or Online.
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    I'm in the same situation that you are, rockstar. Except I'm in the US. Let me know if you have any success in your job search.
  • rockstar81rockstar81 Posts: 151Member
    Thanks for the feedback.

    I am in Nottingham, England currently however I would move if needed, national min wage would be fine also as I have no debts and my main aim is to get experience.
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    Same situation, Id love to continue my Cisco studies, but I dont see any point in going past a ccna or ccnp till you actually have a Cisco job. Due to any job I see wanting atleast 5 years experience+, and most here wont even call you back if you dont have the experience with cisco.

    I decided to add a MCP to my certs, then maybe i can weasel into a help desk that has some cisco in it ><
    70-291 Next....
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