Best Buy Benefits...cost/quality?

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I was curious as to how much they deduct (on average) from your pay at Best Buy for benefits and the quality of the benefits as well. They werent clear in my interviews, and I know i'll get the real deal from people working for them. They're starting me at 12.35 per hour, which isnt too bad. Thanks in advance!


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    At least in Canada, on average you can expect 20-25% of your gross pay go to the taxman. It may be very similar in the US although each state may have different tax brackets. In Canada not only we pay the tax, but we also pay a premium for national employment insurance and the pension plans. I suspect US may have similar deductions.

    Ohhh, I just pulled one of my paystubs and 24% of my pay went to deductions icon_cry.gif

    So in short, at least 20-25% of your pay may be pocketed by the ugly taxman icon_sad.gif

    Hope this helps.
  • rainman03rainman03 Posts: 16Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thats not cool...they pay peanuts already! Oh well...a job is a job I guess! I'll hold out for something a little more "filling"
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    When I was in NY, about 30% went to taxes, whether it be federal, FICA, state or local.
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