Number of questions on Net+ Test

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I am taking my Net+ test next week. No matter how many times I have taken certification exams, I am one of those people who are always nervous and doubting. It's not that I don't know my material, it's just how I am. Out of about 20 certifications exams taken since 1995, I have only ever failed 1 time, but I am still always looking at the dark side. How many questions are on the exam? How many right answers are needed to pass? At this point, I am fairly certain that I will pass. But anxiety has always been a part of my life. I have probably studied more for this exam than any other exam that I have taken which includes the MCSE exams.


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    Just took mine yesterday and this is how it went. 85 questions total, 90 Minutes to complete, Passing score is 554. IMO the test was very easy and most of what I saw on it was taken directly from all my study materials including the tech notes on this site. I am also one who has serious test anxiety but once I started looking at the questions and realized it was everything I knew, the rest was easy. If you have taken MCSE most of this is going backwards. Just understand topologies, Wiring standards, Wireless standards, ISO Standars, ans OSI model (although i had barely any questions on this the test is random). Good luck
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