Cat 5e Cable

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The Techexam notes state that the maximum distance is 100 meters. Network+ Exam Prep 2 states 350 and a cable manufacturer online states 350. Which is correct but more importantly which will Comptia expect for the answer?


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    That's not exactly what I wrote in my TechNotes. It does not say 100 meters for Cat 5e, but that the 1000BaseT standard specifies gigabit ethernet over cta 5e with a max lenght of 100 meters. The distance refers to the 1000BaseT standard, not to the technical limitations of Cat 5e cabling.
    1000BaseT (802.3ab)
    1000BaseT specifies Gigabit Ethernet over Cat 5e UTP cabling and provides data transfer rates of 1000 Mb/s. It utilizes all four pairs of cable wires for transmission. The maximum cable segment length is 100 meters. 1000BaseTX s pecifies Gigabit Ethernet over Cat 6 UTP cabling, but is not part of the IEEE 802.3ab standard.
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