Circuit City paying for 70-271 cert!

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Well, I am happy to say that my employer is paying for my 70-271 testing! Aparently it's part of our PC Services department becoming certified HP, Sony, and Toshiba repair specialists. I don't really see how the two correlate, but I will keep my mouth shut! :)

Problem is that C.C. (in all of thier wisdom) have only provided the Microsoft E-Learning materials... which basically just explains the objectives.

I just purchased the Microsoft Press MCDST (70-271) Self-Paced Training kit, and I just wanted to share how great of a learning tool this is for anyone studying for this test. I have an excellent knowledge of Windows XP Home and Professional dealing with normal user problems (and by normal I mean Home and small business users), however I never bothered to learn about things such as: Group policies and Active Directory settings, setting up users to connect properly to Domains, and so forth.

To back up in time, after finishing the Microsoft E-learning program I fealt confident that I knew the course and would surely pass this cert on my companies buck. After taking my first Measure-up practice test... I'll admit I was a bit confused. Confused as to why the E-Learning taught almost none of the material covered on he test. Angry, I went out and bought a study guide online and it also was almost no help.

This book by microsoft press is a very easy read, everything is very well put and written logically (important), and also I like how they teach a little bit of how a DST's attitude should be towards users. Alot of the Techs I have worked with in the past have just made our customers feel like crap, and that's not good business. It may be hard not to laugh when they call a tower a "modem" or something similar, but bad news to outright make customers feel stupid.

In closing, I want to wish anyone studying for this cert good luck! I have been reading for 3 days now and have 3 chapters to go, so I plan on taking my test within the next two-three weeks.

Wish me luck! icon_cool.gif

Randy O.



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