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I need to give file access to folder \\users\states\cost\monthly to a user, but without allowing them access to all the other folder in \\users\states\cost.
I have tried but they end up being able to see and access everything in \\users\states\cost vice just the "monthly" folder. Help..please.

The sever is Win2K but I figure file permissions for this task are most likely the same way.
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  • PCHoldmannPCHoldmann Member Posts: 450
    There are several optinons.
    1. You could use NTFS permissions to lock down the other folder
    2. Create a new share with it's own permissions
    3. Not really secure, but some improvement: map a drive letter to \\users\states\cost\monthly. They could still use \\users\states\cost\ to access the top level folder. Could be combined with #1.

    I think I would use #2, Create a share for that folder, give the user permissions for that share, and remove the permissions for the other share, or the #1 & 2 combo, give the user NTFS permissions only for the subfolder, and map directly to that.

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    Try using "advanced" permissions and select edit on the user in question. You will have to uncheck the "Inherit from parent" setting and say "Copy" when prompted to copy or remove. The "traverse/execute" on the parent folders may work, then from the drop down "Apply To" box select "Sub Folders only". When you give them permission to the \\users\states\cost\monthly allow whatever permissions applicable.
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  • agustinchernitskyagustinchernitsky Member Posts: 299
    In your case, the directory tree is something like this:


    What I would suggest is:

    1.- secure all the cost subdir including monthly
    2.- Apply explicit perms for monthly for that user (so he can do whatever he can)
    3.- create a share that points to \\machine\costs and \\machine\monthly

    IF the ones that access to costs shoudn't see the monthly dir, then, you should change you dir structure or remove inheritance from monthly and allow only the users who need to see that dir to the ACL.

    Hope it helps!
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