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Well, this is very important for me so please try and do ur best icon_cool.gif
I'm 18 years old now (soon 19), I am using the PC since I was 14,
I don't have any IT experience, just basic software/hardware knowledge.
I really want to start studying as soon as I can to get some certs ;)
So, what should I go on with first? A+? I'm more into the networking stuff than security etc.
If so (A+), how should I study for it? getting a book? taking a course in college? getting CD's? or what..?, Plus, how long should it take for me to finish the A+? I heard there are new updates for it soon, so you think I should wait for next year to do the A+ 2006? or should I just study for the 2003 now and finish with it in less than 4 months? (if possible)?.
Please note that, I'm in the army at the moment, I don't have as much of spare time as I wanted to have, but I can still study, I have like at least 2-3 hours a day for studying, plus my weekend's are free!
Best regards and please do answer seriously.


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    The time it takes to pass is soley based on what you already know and how well you can absorb and learn the material you dont.

    Extensive experience with computers alone may not be enough to pass. There are many topics covered in areas that you may not be familiar with so it is always imperative that you do look over the exams objectives.

    Look through the A+ forums for a book that is highly recommended get that book and read it. Take the practice tests on this site and in the book, that alone should give you a good feel of whether or not you are prepared.
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    i wud say if you are serious about it then go for it!
    if you have no hands on experiance i would def start at the a+, then if u r interested in networking in particular go for your network+, and if you still want to persue this then go for a ccna. i will warn you, even though i have only bn bothered to take half my a+, the a+ is pretty much the foundation knowledge you need when working with the PC, so the cert if pretty much entry level. but it is still regarded world wide and hey! working your way from a+ upwards will show structured learning and it wont put you out of your depth (depending what knowledge you have).

    for learning purposes....seen as though you have no hands on experiance i would get your hands on a old pc and strip it down, install things, get to know your way around the motherboard etc and for the OS side (which i am about to do, now i have pulled my finger out ;) !) is get your hands on virtual PC or vmware and learn how to install the OS's covered and get a feel for each one.

    i used the technotes and q's from this site and, and i used exam cram 2 and CBT nuggets. if you hate reading 1000 pages then i would recommend using CBT nuggets along with books (just to break it up abit). i am in the UK so i duno if this offer is on amazon in the US, but i bought the exam cram2 book and i got the practice questions (around 1000 q's) for a reduced rate. because it is just as important to prepare for the exam presentation as it is for the material. i.e. always read the question at least 2 times then look at the answers. On the CH of a+ i found that when i read the question i could distinguish the answer by elimanating the ones which i knew were wrong for sure!

    i also used preplogic exams but if you buy the exam cram 2 question book those questions and many more are actually included within the book! so you may pay £10 for the question book but you would have to pay upto $100 for preplogic!

    sorry for going on abit but i hope this helps a little!
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    Hands-on is a must. The world has enough paper A+.
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