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any website that anyone can recommend that have practice test questions... i am getting ready to take the test in 2 weeks. Thanx


  • Danman32Danman32 Senior Member Member Posts: 1,243
    I used measureup, but I thought their questions could have been a little more challenging, and could have had a bigger base of questions. They only had 150 questions in their pool, and their default test settings had 75 questions per test.
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    Thanks to the outstanding Web Site you are now reading this on, there is no way you should go into the test room without, at least, being 100% sure of the ports and OSI layers!

    Here is another site I go to that can give one a vague idea how he or she is doing http://www.mcmcse.com/forums/exams/
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    Self Test software. I used this and it's very good. it even allows you to provide feedback on each question via e-mail. I'm using Self Test's other exams for other certs.

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