what do i need to get certified?

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okay, basically New Horizons took care of my tests. I just gave a call to Prometric or somone else with my id and they schedule the test. Now Im doing this solo, so what do I need in order to take the CCNA exam and future exams? What are these vouchers? I get the feeling I need to pay for them.
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    If you're doing it on your own, you call the testing center or go the their website, pay the exam fee, and schedule the exam.

    I've never used vouchers but they're not free. People sell exam vouchers which cover the cost of the exam or give you a discount on the exam, or you get an voucher bundled with another service (probably what happened when you were with new horizons).
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    Yeah, all you need to do is contact a testing center and you can even pay that day at some of them.

    You could also look into PrepLogic or someone like that as they offer discounts on some occasions and also offer software bundles with the vouchers for practice exams and such.

    Also, watch for ones that expire at the end of whatever month it is when you check, these short-term expiration ones are usually cheaper to buy since you may only have 1-2 weeks to use it before the expiration date.

    I've always used vouchers except for Network+ (my latest exam) in which I went through CompTIA and paid for it and the testing center had the information there already, I just walked in, showed my ID and took the exam. It was $218 normally for Net+, but as a member of CompTIA, is wound up being $168 or something like that.

    Good Luck! :D
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    If you received a voucher code, simply enter that in when you get to the field 'Voucher or promo code'. Consider a voucher like a gift card. Someone did pay for it, probably at a volume discount, and it does have an expiration.

    The company I work for used to use vouchers to pay for all our tests, but now they don't do that as much. Instead they reimburse you after you submit your payment reciept, exam results (mainly to prove you were there I think, since they will pay for at least one failure), and an expense report. For omptia Security+, I received a voucher. I know my company is a member and receieved a discount for the vouchers. For my first attempt, they didn't have a voucher, but I was able to use the company's member # for a discount.

    In the case of NH (I am also one of their clients), they bundle one test with their courses, although for CCNA, they outsourced the training to what seemed to be a business partner (they were sharing office space), and the outsource provider provided 3 CCNA attempts. The first attempt they handled the test registration and scheduling since it was being done while we were still in class, but my second attempt I asked for the voucher, they emailed it to me, and then I scheduled the test myself. I usually use prometric, and it was through Prometric that I apparently took the first attempt under, but the voucher for the 2nd attempt was through Vue.

    The training class was good and certainly necessary but I felt there was a serious lack of after class support, such as practice tests and labs.

    I was supposed to be scheduled for a Security+ class, but I felt that was not necessary for me, that self studying would do. I couldn't see what advantage a 5 day class would give over getting one or two good study books. There doesn't seem to be a source that gives all the information you need to know and might be tested on.

    I am scheduled for their SCP classes. We'll see how they handle that.
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    ah i see guys, thanks for all your help, all three of you.

    But what is the cost of the voucher? and how much of a discount would I receive for the CCNA exam.

    Also how much is the CCNA exam going to cost me without a voucher?
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    The voucher is your "ticket" to take the exam. Kind of like how you have to buy a ticket to see a movie.
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    NH seems to charge full retail for vouchers when they present a training package price. However, in the case of CCNA, it was included in the training since their outsource had it bundled for three tries.

    Purchasing vouchers yourself can vary in price. Try googling discount certification vouchers.

    Cisco CCNA 801 retail for $125.
    ICND and Intro retails for $100 each.

    Check though that you didn't already pay for an exam in your training package which would be issued through vouchers or that you aren't entitled to vouchers through your training program.
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    indeed man thanks! thanks alot, i will check on that.
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    OK, I re-read your OP and totally misunderstood your objective. I thought you were still under NH. If you took CCNA training under NH though, you probably have some prepaid tests coming to you.

    You can look on your previous exams for your Prometric or Vue ID. You can go online to check on or reconfigure your Prometric or VUE profile, but you might need to call them to get it fixed if NH had been setting up the tests for you, or you can call NH and find out what your ID is.

    To pay for a test you can use a credit card or a prepaid voucher.
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