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Ive been reading a lot of good advised here maybe you can help me with this... I just recently pass my A+ certification and planning on to apply for a different job which is more into IT like helpdesk or IT support , And I found there's an opening within my area the thing is I got a scheduled vacation by Mid August for 1 week in Vegas , Im thinking that if ever got a chance to be interview and hired by the company before my vacation would it be better to tell them during the interview that I already got a scheduled vacation or I just let them know after they hired me? Right now I am also in the process of taking up my Network + Certification. Or is it better that I should apply after I finish my vacation. I also dont want to loose the opportunity.


  • frankj1247frankj1247 Posts: 111Member
    It seems like you don't even have the interview scheduled yet, so don't worry about it.

    My advice would be to have a heck of a time in Vegas, have all the fun you wanted to have this summer, then worry about applying to jobs.

    That's me though, because how many other times will you be able to have fun especially when you have a demanding job.
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    Don't start applying until after your vacation.
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    if you don't need a job right away and can manage your cash flow, then go enjoy in Vegas and come back with more energy and a fresh mind (although don't go to Casinos there :) )

    Because you go on a vacation, I would assume you can afford not to have a job for at least a month or two. Remember, this won't be the only employer that will hire you.

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    Most applications have a date available for work. Put 2 weeks after your vacation if you give notice, the day after you get back if you dont feel a need to give notice.
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    Thanks for all the advised, I would probably apply after my vacation coz im also thinking to finish my Network + certificate by then I would have better chances if I pass my Network+.
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    I'd suggest going on the vacation. Definetly study for the Network+. But, also apply for the job. They might not even call for an interview until after you get back. Leave them your cell number so if they do call while you're away, you can call them back and say you're out of town.

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