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huddahudda Member Posts: 101
By the way, how long it will take to put up our score in the CopTIA site, I took the exam a week ago, still do not see recored that I pass? is it normal or there something wrong, can any one have info, those who pass the exam after how many days your score is up in the CopTIA, I did not even recived any congra email or any thing exept my record 2 page paper from the prometric!



  • Danman32Danman32 Member Posts: 1,243
    Mine showed up next day, so I promptly had it forwarded to MS.

    Sometimes it can take 2 weeks for Prometric to get the test back to the vendor. My second to last test for my MCSE didn't get recorded on MS until a week after I took the last test (which was a week apart).

    Still, it might be a good idea to call Comtia.

    As for who can see your score or certification, only you can. You can set it up where you can allow others to view your transcrip by giving them a read only access code.
    Certifications can be verified as valid by entering in the certification serial number.
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