IBM PC Repair Certified

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How does one get certified by IBM?

I am going to apply for a position that has a requirement:
IBM PC Repair Certified <<== what does that mean? I have A+


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    IBM's Business Partners get reimbursed for warranty work performed. In order to get reimbursed the Business Partner's techs have to take and pass their tests which are very simple. Since Lenovo has taken on IBM Desktops and Mobile Workstations, you will have to take the Lenovo tests now which are exactly the same as what IBM's were. However, IBM still requires their Business Partners to take their IBM Server line test that they offer in order to get reimbursed on warranty work performed on their servers.

    I have taken these tests but the company I work for is a Business Partner so I'm not certain if just anyone can take these tests.
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    I took these IBM exams mainly to keep my warrenty up with working on the IBM machines. I was working for IBM at the time and it`s my understanding you have to be either working for them or working for an Agency who`s contracting for IBM.
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